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Why Is Making Money Online Like Going to School?

“Oh, this is going to be easy. All the making money online gurus say that MMO is a piece of cake.”
Yeah, right. That was me 4 years ago. 4 years later I make a nice living prospering online, traveling the world. I lived in Bali for 4 months, Phuket for 5 months, and a host of other tropical paradises for a long time.
This was not easy in the beginning. I struggled. Because I did not treat MMO as if I were going to school. I was lazy at first, and over confident, and foolish. Then I woke up. Committed. Succeeded.
My recent Southeast Asia trip lasted 2 years. Why? I treated making money online like going to school. I became a student of prospering.
Think of it this way: if you walked into an advanced Physics classed and got pissed off because you did not receive your PhD in one week, this would sound absurd, right?
So why are you frustrated by not making $30,000 after your first week online? Because you refuse to learn a skill. You refuse to apply your skills for a period of time. You are greedy or delusional and want your laptop to be a trusty ATM.
Reality Check: you will generate cash online after you study, learn new skills and apply these skills for weeks, months and years.

1 – You Must Pay a Tuition

School tuition can be paid by check. Online money making tuition is paid by spending your precious time and energy learning a skill inside out.
People making millions online paid their tuition. They learned and applied skills for months and years before making big bucks.
Be patient. Pay your tuition. Then you can receive your degree, AKA, get paid.

2 – Class in Session

Show up to class. Miss class, you are doomed, unless you are brilliant. You need to learn from your teacher as an offline student.
Use a text book as a reference and follow up by attending classes to soak up knowledge from your professor.
In the online world you need: 1 – A System, 2 – A Mentor.
Your textbook and your teacher. Partner with a trustworthy, helpful mentor and plug into a proven system based on sharing value and targeting your ideal prospects.
Class is always in session. Select your teacher and system carefully, show up and work.

3 – You Must Take Notes

I do not care how hungry you are to soak up knowledge. You generate some 40,000 thoughts daily.
Read this post without taking notes on these lessons and you forget most lessons in 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Take notes. Drill these concepts deeply into your mind so you remember the lessons presented here.
In school I know you filled pads with notes on lectures or lessons. Use the same strategy online. Read a blog post. Take notes. Acquire information to digest at a later time.

4 – Study Time

You spent hours studying in class and out of class to receive your diploma. Study time was a critical part of your academic career. You have notes. You review the notes. Through repetition these notes become part of your knowledge base.
Same deal online. Review your notes frequently. Set aside some time late in the day to review your making money online notes. Review the concepts I shared in this post. Think through the analogy.
I guarantee you will be thinking like an online money making student in no time. Review. Remember.

5 – Test Time!

Test time or exam time revealed to you what you learned and what you did not learn. You attended class, took notes, studied the notes and then it was time to take a test. You passed or failed.
Online entrepreneurs receive tests each day. You apply what you learned and either grow your online ventures and make money online or fail.
Either you are generating home business opt ins or attracting new customers and prospering or you fail to grow your business.


Well, having made money online for over 4 years I can tell you, if you wish to prosper, and succeed, and do stuff like traveling the world, you need to spend time studying THEN applying what you learned each day.
Imagine how much time you spent in class and studying during your high school or college days. Some days you spent 6, 8 or 10 hours acquiring knowledge.
Same deal online. If you do your gig part time spend 2-3 hours daily, or more. If this is a full time gig, 6, 8, 10 or more hours seems practical.
You are learning a new skill. This takes a serious commitment on your behalf. Show up for class daily. Take notes. Put your knowledge into action. Succeed.

Your Turn

Do you treat making money online like going to school?
Are you struggling to make a cent online?
What success tips can you share?

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