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Showing posts from February 11, 2015

iPad: flop or success?

There is a little over a month, we informed you of our first impressions about theApple iPad. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges, tons of applications have rolled into the tablet and the iPad is of course officially released in France on May 28 last. Questions, jokes, hopes, like the iPhone in its time, the touch pad connected Apple creates varying reactions. But then, on arrival, what do we withdraw from this iPad? An iPhone / iPod Touch giant? A substitute of netbooks? A simplified computer? A support savior of the press? An aggregator of content and web usage? Eventually, it is tempting to argue that it is the user who shapes his own answers, according to uses that will be decided with the iPad.
One thing is sure, the effect of “Wow” has occurred when one takes the subject in hand. The first seconds of any user invariably drown in the contemplation of an ultra-responsive touch screen and a screen that explodes each color. While I was skeptical at the recept…