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How to Use a Business Plan to Adapt and Succeed

Don’t Operate Your Business Blind Operating a company without a well developed business plan is just like operating a car blindfolded, driving down an expressway in LA.  You wouldn’t blindfold yourself and drive down a busy expressway would you?  Why would you do that with your business, future and money? If you don’t know where you are going (i.e. have a roadmap), then how do you expect to get there?  Do you want to leave to chance? To sheer luck? Running, expanding or starting a business without a business plan or using a Business Plan Guide is like trying to drive from New York to Chicago for the first time without a roadmap or MapQuest!  A Business Plan gives you a path to follow, otherwise, you are just guessing.  In running or starting a business, the learning curve is short before you run out of resources and are forced to close.  Therefore, a business plan helps you set up a sound framework, model and strategy ahead of time, as well as, address potential problems …