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How To Get Index Your New Post Faster

Indexing Post Faster is one of the most common problem. You might be spending a lot of time in….
Thinking for the new post For research on the post Writing on the post Finding the Perfect image and customizing it And then optimizing the post according to SEO. And still, your post does not get indexed on Google… Why?
I am sure you do a lot of research before you write down a post and is disappointing to realize that the post is not indexed…you must be thinking:
Why is this happing with me?
Why my new post was not indexed?
What can I do so that my post get index?
Is there any quick process to get the post index faster?
Index Your New Post Faster
How Index Your New Post Faster ? I have also done a lot of research on this topic, I read almost 20 articles and after all that I found best ways which help me to index my post in Google Faster.
This is the basic and the first step to index your post.
First think of the topic on which you have to write then do some research on it and fin…

Complete Blog Introduction For Beginners

What is Blog ? Blog, is basically an information.It can be in relevance to any thing ,for example,a product,a new technology,a review of an album or a movie,or any issue going around.Blog carries your view for a particular issue in consideration or it can be just a user guide for the new product in market.As an example look at any brochure,say,of an university,all it contains are BLOGS. A blog can have one or multiple authors.It can be done online or offline as per author’s convenience.
Blogging,is a process,as you move forward you learn about its softwares,its tools,the basic terminologies.All that is mentioned should be kept in mind to improve content quality of your blog.The uniqueness in your writing and keeping in mind every small thing a reader needs to know and of course your presentation can help a lot many readers and gets you more viewers as well.
#WHAT CATCHES ATTENTION? The TITLE of your blog catches the first sight of the viewer.The shorter,the better.But informing enough of…

Why You Should Take Rest From Continues Blogging?

Blogging is an addiction for who ever know the depth of blogging. This sometime creates a whole new world of blogging for a blogging.
Blogging for so long duration can cause many health relating problems. It’s better advised to take break from blogging for a small continuation to freshen your minds. The need of break is also to get new ideas all the way long, as you keep blogging continuously new ideas stops to come to your mind and you start to lose hope , article authenticity and its effectiveness for your readers.
The one thing that a blogger should take into consideration is the depth and authenticity of their blog article, as I have observed big bloggers they never keep posting article every other day , what do they do is that , they take up to 1-3 days working on one article then publish it. The work is not over yet, then they study the reactions of the readers and views to that article then after 1 week time they start working on the next article.
Side-effect’s of Continues Bloggi…

6 Tips To Write Your First Ebook

For a writer, it always goes with writing articles and posts online and offline. Writing for some means so much that it flexes out to be their profession and source of income. When one writes posts, one gets habitual to write and takes on a scope of having own book one day.  An eBook can be one such source of income.
Write Your First Ebook
For aspiring writers a time falls when they cause to come out of the shell of articles and take up the challenge of composing their own book. This idea leaves one blank. What to choose as a topic, where to start, etc. Are a few questions that can make a nervous writer.
The tips below are an attempt to solve such questions for upcoming authors.
#Tip1. Money should not be the focal point:
There are certain genres such as recipe books, dieting books, self-help books, etc., which don’t get out of the stock. Never ever take your first step from such genres. Select a topic about which you have thorough knowledge or is your favorite topic. This decision will ma…