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How To Get Index Your New Post Faster

Indexing Post Faster is one of the most common problem. You might be spending a lot of time in….

Thinking for the new post
For research on the post
Writing on the post
Finding the Perfect image and customizing it
And then optimizing the post according to SEO.
And still, your post does not get indexed on Google… Why?

I am sure you do a lot of research before you write down a post and is disappointing to realize that the post is not indexed…you must be thinking:

Why is this happing with me?

Why my new post was not indexed?

What can I do so that my post get index?

Is there any quick process to get the post index faster?

Index Your New Post Faster

How Index Your New Post Faster ?
I have also done a lot of research on this topic, I read almost 20 articles and after all that I found best ways which help me to index my post in Google Faster.


This is the basic and the first step to index your post.

First think of the topic on which you have to write then do some research on it and find the good keywords on that topic.

Then Write a Quality Content.

I will say don’t copy the content from the other sites because it digs you down and will not help you to grow in the blogging arena. Write a long post not a short article. Content should be more than 500+ words.

Write the content regularly for your site, make a proper plan for it and leave the rest on Google.

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2. Building Quality Backlink

Getting a backlink is the best way to increase site traffic as it will help you to grow and it will also help in getting high rank in Google.

Google PR has not updated from last 1 year so you have to concentrate on the back link aspect. So Finally PR is update on 6 dec after a long time.

You might be thinking how I will build quality back links. Here I have listed a few ways through which you can build quality back links.

1. Guest Posting On Other Site.
2. Blog commenting on Commentluv enabled blogs.
3. Use Forums.
4. Submit feed to RSS directories.

After Reading this you might be thinking where to do guest post so that you build quality back link. Here I have listed few Blogs on which you can submit your post.
1. BloggerTipsTricks.
2. Bivori.
3. ShoutMeLoud.
4. BloggingTips.

These are the fours best sites on which you can do guest post. There are many other site also but these are the ones I liked the most.

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3. Update Ping List

Whenever you publish article in your blog, ping services help you by pinging the search engine about your article. These ping service are free and you can get the list of ping service easily. It will also help you to increase the site traffic of your blog.

How to Install the Ping in Word press.
1. Login to your account.
2. Go to setting >> Writing.
3. In Writing Section you will find the ping list Update that list with new list.
4. Click on the Save button and you have done.


All Done :)

4. Social Networking Website

Now day’s social networking is playing an important role in building quality backlinks as well as increasing the site traffic.
There are many social networking site in which you can share your article, they are:

Google+: You can share your content on wall and on the communities. Try to get as much as you can Google+ as it will help your post to get index in Google fast.

Facebook: This is the largest used social networking site in the world. Almost everyone uses it so you can share your post and you can get a huge traffic at your site.

Twitter: On Twitter you can tweet your new post and other people will retweet it.

Pinterest: You can share your post there using the image. If you have a larger number of followers in your account then you will enjoy its benefits.

5. Blog Commenting

As I have said earlier blog commenting is very important for your site. So for commenting choose commentluv enabled blog, as from there you will get a do follow link. But in some blog they have done non follow link. But still you get a link from that site.

It will surely help you in getting index post faster.

While making comments to the site don’t leave this type of comment “NICE POST” and “THANKS FOR SHARING”
If you are commenting on popular sites then your comment must be genuine and valid according to the post.

Read the post completely and then comment on the post.

6. Push Press plug-in for Word press

This plugin is very helpful as I have experienced. Install this Plug-in to your word press blog. Whenever your article will be published it will send the ping to all the hub distributor.  It is one of the quickest ways of pinging.

Download Plugin:

Complete Blog Introduction For Beginners

What is Blog ? Blog, is basically an information.It can be in relevance to any thing ,for example,a product,a new technology,a review of an album or a movie,or any issue going around.Blog carries your view for a particular issue in consideration or it can be just a user guide for the new product in market.As an example look at any brochure,say,of an university,all it contains are BLOGS. A blog can have one or multiple authors.It can be done online or offline as per author’s convenience.

Blogging,is a process,as you move forward you learn about its softwares,its tools,the basic terminologies.All that is mentioned should be kept in mind to improve content quality of your blog.The uniqueness in your writing and keeping in mind every small thing a reader needs to know and of course your presentation can help a lot many readers and gets you more viewers as well.

The TITLE of your blog catches the first sight of the viewer.The shorter,the better.But informing enough of what they can get in the body of the blog.It should read like as if the reader needs to know what you have got to tell them.I am telling you my experience.And yes it should be original, and the target audience is the most important thing to be taken care of, in your blog.

As a student,it is more of a learning experience.You tend to improve your skills and makes you a professional and ultimately,your professional experience  boosts up your CV.For students interested in writing,there is no better work than this to start with.Some websites and companies pay you for writing for them,gets you earning.Its a give and take procedure.For students in journalism,mass communication,marketing,there is a lot of work in writing online.

The issue or topic of your discussion can be anything that serves to the needs of the  readers.You can write about a social issue,contribute by giving suggestions,putting forward a matter that needs to be discussed in our society.It can be related to a product(as i have mentioned earlier),reviews on the product,guidance to use it,or it can be just information about college or anything.

The information that you deliver reaches a certain set of audience who needs it,so it should be useful to them,to take their time out and read it.

The Blog Softwares are better known as Blogwares,Blogging softwares,and Weblog Softwares.

There are certain softwares for writing blogs that are meant to guide the writer and clearing all doubts .Softwares such as , WordPress ,Blogsmith, Crowd Fusion, Drupal, Typepad,Squarespace,Live Journal,Tumbir.These are also called BLOGGING PLATFORMS.

There are certain free platforms for bloggers: Wordpress,Movable Type,Blogger,Tumbir.

There are two types of tools on the basis of cost,one is Low cost tools and the other is Free tools. If one has software such as wordpress, Drupal, that is,  Content Management Systems(CMS), then there is no need of anything else.But if you want to test first and then get something more technical and advanced then free tools are the ones that you are looking for.The tool should help you use branding of your organisation,design scheme,gives you ease to add a custom URL or address.

Content Management  Systems(CMS) are most opted for because having them reduces need for any other tool for your valued blog.Along with this, it gives you freedom to stand for  your blog on your website. and saves you from the mess of  operating two separate locations.

Another attractive use is that it offers other authors to write and post on your website.This feature helps you get more information from different sources,makes content management a team work,and ofcourse the variety in writers gives variety in type of blogs the website will contain.

Originality,uniqueness are the very own qualities a writer has. Mere copy’n’ paste work is not an effort to learn or gain experience.Make your blogs your mark of identity in writing,because this is what makes a reader pay attention to you.

If you are writing for someone else’s website,so your copy’n'npaste effort is in truble because all your posted content is checked by various software’s, which clearly marks the authentic and the copied content.


Why You Should Take Rest From Continues Blogging?

Blogging is an addiction for who ever know the depth of blogging. This sometime creates a whole new world of blogging for a blogging.

Blogging for so long duration can cause many health relating problems. It’s better advised to take break from blogging for a small continuation to freshen your minds. The need of break is also to get new ideas all the way long, as you keep blogging continuously new ideas stops to come to your mind and you start to lose hope , article authenticity and its effectiveness for your readers.

The one thing that a blogger should take into consideration is the depth and authenticity of their blog article, as I have observed big bloggers they never keep posting article every other day , what do they do is that , they take up to 1-3 days working on one article then publish it. The work is not over yet, then they study the reactions of the readers and views to that article then after 1 week time they start working on the next article.

Side-effect’s of Continues Blogging

There are many unseen side effect of continues blogging. Here are some I will list below:-

1. Always keep thinking , yes a bloggers mind is a work shop 24 hours thinking about new blog ideas , this makes your life miserable something because you have to care about other things too other then blogging.

2. Less Sleep, one of the major drawback for new bloggers they stress too much and give up their sleeping for blogging.

3. Down-gradation of article quality after few weeks of continues blogging. Most of the bloggers take too much stress of blogging that they forget to hang out with friends and get more new ideas about blogging.

4. They can’t able to enjoy there life with their friends. As When they wanted to enjoy, blogging stop them from this.  

All these are the side effect of continues blogging.  I will suggest you take a rest from a blogging be with your family and friends and enjoy your life. LIVE EACH AND EVERY MOVEMENT of life

6 Tips To Write Your First Ebook

For a writer, it always goes with writing articles and posts online and offline. Writing for some means so much that it flexes out to be their profession and source of income. When one writes posts, one gets habitual to write and takes on a scope of having own book one day.  An eBook can be one such source of income.

Write Your First Ebook

For aspiring writers a time falls when they cause to come out of the shell of articles and take up the challenge of composing their own book. This idea leaves one blank. What to choose as a topic, where to start, etc. Are a few questions that can make a nervous writer.

The tips below are an attempt to solve such questions for upcoming authors.

#Tip1. Money should not be the focal point:

There are certain genres such as recipe books, dieting books, self-help books, etc., which don’t get out of the stock. Never ever take your first step from such genres. Select a topic about which you have thorough knowledge or is your favorite topic. This decision will make your debut gratifying. Writing on books which have stale stocks, then nobody cares about the killing of the authors and you are left dejected.

#Tip2. Read a lot and get a clue:

It is always recommended to read well if you want to write well. The one who does not read is unable to express self to others effectively. The habit of reading the novels, magazines, and blogs will not only improve skills, but will also let you know your interest area. This will help you choose a topic and will tell you the sources for research as well.

#Tip3. Survey your audience:

The first step we discussed was writing posts and articles on blogs. The audience that you address in your blog can be your sample readers. If you want to know the market of your topic, then it is advised to go the survey way. You have got your audience, come up with certain topics and ask for comments and feedback. This feedback will make you aware of the scope of your tentative topic. Then comes landing on a topic and moving ahead with the research. Research is mandatory for pursuing with a whole lot of text. This will add personal stories to your text and gives you an edge over the rest.

#Tip4: Go through the work done already:

When working on a particular niche, you need to see the prominent works done already. This will give you an insight to what all has been done on the same track and what is your scope to present an improved work. This may take a lot of time, but who said it is going to be easy and fast. No pains, no gains. Here is another tip; you can quote some of the eminent works in your paper work. Get a vision.

#Tip5: Draft:

An outline or a draft is necessary to move further error free. The draft is meant to give you enough space to commit errors and decide the flow of information in your work. It is more like a preview for you. What comes after that and what needs to be omitted? All such decisions are decided with the help of a draft. Make an outline. Give titles to your chapters and don’t go for elaborating them too long in the draft. Go for short chapters for easy chewing by the consumer.

#Tip6: Hang the board- Do not disturb:

Composing a book is not a topic of fun. One needs to get committed towards it to accomplish. Switch off your phone or sign out from all your social accounts to avoid any pop-up sounds. Have a calm, peaceful space to get on the work. Distraction can turn dangerous for your book.

 So are you going to write your First Ebook?

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