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Top Reasons Why Your Guest Post Get Rejected ?

Guest post a term every blogger is aware off. Guest posting came into picture about 2-3 years back in blogger niches due to high demand of authors on websites and blogs. Guest authoring is one of the best way to get a back-link from a well know and well established blog or website.
Now a day’s it’s like a trend to write guest article for blogs with a high DA (domain authority) and get a back-link for your site for getting good ranking in Google Search Engines. Due to this many writers come into picture and started writing guest article for other. In this many authors are good and few are fraud, you can read How to choose right guest author by Benny Mathur for getting help in choosing good guest authors.
Why you’re Guest Article Are Rejected Now, in today’s time everyone is writing guest post. The main reason of your guest post rejection is as follows 1. Less Quantity Article 2. Low Quality Article 3. Bad English or Grammar
Less Quantity Article
Guest article have a minimum word length of 500 …