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What is More Important Quality Or Quantity Content ?

Quality Or Quantity Content It’s been a very big question for every blogger and till now there is no correct explanation for what should a blogger really focus on should it be the quality of the article or the quantity of the words in the article.
Quality Or Quantity Content
This problem or we can say situation has been created, it was not into light until the idea of Guest Blogging came into existence. This is also because of many Advertisement sites which require a large number of texts on the site in order to approve it for earning process.
This makes a blogger write and write lots of words to get approved by the site. Soon people started writing long articles, but lost the authenticity and the importance of the article for the readers.
Tell me if I am wrong, but Google Search also has a policy that any article less than 500 words is a waste on the internet. This also made people write more and more words into the article.
I have read many blogs till now and found t…