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How To Write Blog Post Faster

Writing a blog post faster is the most difficult thing as for writing the post you need ideas. You might log time to write an article and even much more time in publishing the article.
How much time you take in publishing new article after writing article? 
If your site has loyal readers then they are waiting for your post.  They don’t want to go to other blog because you have made a trust factor in your readers.  As your tips will granting them advantages.
How To Write Blog Post Faster: 1. Create  a Proper Schedule of Blog  Maintaining a proper posting schedule of your blog is most important, make a schedule and stick on it so it will increase the productivity of your site.
Write on the daily basis or at least 2 days in a week and in these 2 days’ work with your full potential to make quality post. Or you can write article alternative way like Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It depends on you work. We have made a schedule for this blog we will post 2-3 article in a week so that your readers …