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Why The Majority Of People Fail To Make A Living As A Blogger

One of the most common reactions I get when I tell people that I work as a full time blogger, is one of jealousy. It would seem that almost everyone I encounter on a regular basis wishes that they could make their living working from home and pursuing a career that they created rather than working for ‘the man’. Blogging offers them that and a lot more.
My usual reaction to their reaction, is normally to tell them that there’s no reason they can’tbecome full time bloggers too and to thus invite them to give it a go. As a result, this person – whoever they may be – will then normally go on to try and do just that and create a site of their own. They then show me proudly and start writing on it regularly.
But they don’t tend to succeed. In fact no one who has told me they want to be a blogger full time has been a success. Why? Well often it comes down to a few predictable factors. Read on to find out where most people are going wrong…
Oh, the Time and Effort…
The main problem that most peop…

Difference Between A Blog And A Website

I  write, article and I make my friends read them, and some of them ask me that what is the difference between a blog and a website. I take a pause and reply that a blog is a kind of website.
People reading this, I am not wrong if I say that a blog is kind of a website. A blog and a website have certain differences. But they do have similarities too that makes most of us confused about their identity.
a blog and a website
I make sure that your concept of a blog and a website will be clear after a read below.Let us first have a look at the similarities.
You type a web address or URL for a website as well as a blog. They both possess a host to keep the information online. A blog and a website both can be run and maintained by an individual and a company, anyone.
Both of them comprise of information, pictures, keywords, etc. You all have encountered these similarities and that is why want to know those potential differences between a blog and a website. So here they are. Have a look:
A website en…