Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What I Learned And Gained In Blogging In This 1 Year?

Hello Readers, Today I have completed my one year in blogging and I have learned lot of new things in this one year. I faced few challenges which made me stronger for the future. There have been many ups and downs in my blogging practice so far. I am proud to be a part of the blogging world.

Completed 1 Year Of WGT

Completed 1 Year In WGT
7 things that I learned and gained as an experience n this one year are:

1. Make friends and keep in touch. Through blogging you can be best friends, and you can even meet them personally. You will make many friends but out of them one will become your best friend for entire life, you can trust them. I have made few friend for my entire life.

What about you. Have you made any friend?

2. Some friends will always try to take benefit of you and when their work is done they will not come back to you when you need their help. Just un-friend them from your life, who hurts you.

3. Blogging is not everything in the life. I have seen people who are too involved in blogging they even don’t enjoy their life, going crazy about blogs. So if you are in blogging you should be a part time blogger not as full time blogger.

4. Always make a unique content and promote your content in the social media. It will give you benefit as a blogger, as other people can reach your blog and through this your ranking can go up.

5. Never run behind money as money can’t buy happiness. Do blogging just for fun and experience, always try to learn new thing from other people and from friends also.

6. Next thing I learned is that, work as a marketer not as a blogger, as bloggers don’t earn, marketer earns. Help Other , Other will help you. 

7. Once came a time, I was too confused and my friends helped me to remain in the blogging. she/he guided me, due to them I’m still in blogging, So lot of thanks to her/him.

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