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Top 15 best wordpress plugin of all time

If you are a new blogger and you are are confused which plugins are to be installed that i must say you will find the gold here because the below plugin is used by professional bloggers all around the world and as well as by me in

So here is the the most killing list of top 15 wordpress plugin that increase your site Traffic,Speed,Performance and much more.

Top 15 best wordpress plugin of all time
It is the free plugin,most of my friends don’t install it because they think this is the waste of time but let me tell you friends this is the most important plugin that protect your site from hack and bad practices around the world.

2.All In One SEO Pack
This is also one of the famous plugin that increase your website traffic and increase your page rank in Google search engine.

Captcha is the plugin that decrease your spam comment that is the important thing and you will make your reader fell good when he or she comment on your posts.

4.Contact Form 7
This …