Friday, April 3, 2015

How to get traffic to a new blog

Hey friends I hope you will taking the advantages for my blogging tips post,So I am back again with my new blog friends who are making there efforts but don’t get traffic to there blog.Don’t worry at all because you will find the best way of doing that here.

Why I am writing this and who am I ?

I am also a blogger and I have worked on 7 websites in the below article you will find the best way to increase your traffic to a new blogger or a old blogger.

I am Kadir 20 year old and I am blogging for last 3 years and I strongly suggest you keep reading.

How can any blogger Get Traffic to A New Blog?

Most common factor that every blogger use to get traffic to there blog is Facebook and Twitter but these are the old method of getting traffic to your website .I am not talking about these foolish and easy techniques,I am here you tell you the professional blogger techniques.

Why I’m mentioning only these two sites because, it’s easy to spread your word and follow other bloggers easily using this social media sites and  Get Traffic to A New Blog.

So here is the tricks to get traffic to a new blog

1.Comment on other blog:

So let me a example for suppose you have made a new post about (How to get traffic to a new blog) and you publish it.

After you publish it what you have to do go the Google search engine and type the same blog title you have made(How to get traffic to a new blog).

Now open the  on top 3 result and comment about your post in the website that you made earlier.This technique works a lot and you shock to see the results.

2.Video marketing:

Many of new blogger got hesitate of making videos,My friends let me tell you very frankly website got 70% of traffic from Youtube that is the world biggest video marketing website.

All you have to do make a video for a post and upload it to  youtube and take your video URL and put it to your post as well as mentioned your website in your video description.

This is the very fast and effective way to increase your website traffic.

3.Spend time on writing detailed articles.

Many of new blogger don’t know the technique how to write daily as a blogger.If you are a new or a old blogger and you don’t get traffic according to then there is no need to call you as a blogger,I you think i heart you then you can leave my website now.

Never assume that you can bring quality traffic without much efforts.

You need to differentiate yourself with others to become successful. It takes time to create content, I agree but you shouldn’t spend whole time creating only normal or average 600 words posts.

Spend time to create great content.

Write detailed posts with 1000 or 1500+ words once in a while. If you’re not a full time blogger like me, at least try to create detailed posts once or twice a month.

So that you can grab others attention and you can show your blogging expertise to your readers.

It’s really important for you to create killer articles regularly to survive in blogosphere. This can bring your quality traffic from other sites or search engines.

4.Use Seo techniques

Most people say forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when you’re just starting out.

I think that’s the dumbest suggestion!

You need to focus on what keywords to use and how much keyword density you should maintain in your content to get search engine traffic to your blog.

It’s extremely important to bring organic (search engine) traffic to your blog. Because it’s free and highly effective!

Make sure that you’re not keyword stuffing your content. It makes your readers hard to digest what you’re saying in your articles.

And do proper keyword analysis before you’re writing the articles. Then embed them into your posts. If you’re a beginner then this is enough! Don’t go beyond, you’ll better understand about SEO when you’re spending more time on blogging.


Take the deep breathe and forget the mistakes that you made earlier,Now its time to move on with new ideas and I know you have the guts.

So, focus on building a network by blog commenting, writing great stuff and social media networking using above tips.

Have I missed any other way How to get traffic to a new blog? Take your action by commenting below.

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