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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things that no blogger can avoid. To get high ranking on search engine it is a must of bloggers to concentrate on their blogs keywords and other important areas of Search Engine Optimization. And since we have already said in almost all of our blog posts that the blogosphere is getting wider and wider and since there are more than 100 million blogs in this blogosphere it is almost impossible for a newbie blogger to get high ranking in a short period. Well, the key is Search Engine Optimization. If you want to survive in this race, then you must follow the below mentioned tips by us. By the way today we are sharing with you the top three killer tips ways to optimize your blog. 1) Use Keywords:Using keyword is the first and the most important factor in optimizing your blog for search engines.Using Long trail Keywords will be considered as the best because these days long trail keywords perform better than other keywords. Short keywo…

How To Get More Blog Comments

Most of you might be thinking about how to get comments on your newly created blog. Having lots and lots of comments will definitely increase your visitor engagement on your blog and might also increase your blog traffic. People who have created their blogs long time ago also don’t see many comments on their blogs. Therefore you must be in a hurry to get lots of comments in a short period. Well, but if you have been looking to get more comments on your blog then you are at the right place. This post will definitely help you to increase the number of comments on your blog.
How To Get More Comments On Your Blog? Blogs are like forums where people come to discuss about some specific topic and therefore if you have a blog then it is certain that people will comment on your blog more, if they are some real visitors searching for the information related to your post. Comments on blogs increase the blogs traffic as well.
By the way, today we will be sharing a list of some great ways which ca…