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Difference Between Paid Hosting and Free Hosting

Webhosting is the most important element of your website, without webhost you cannot have your website. A webhosting is a service that allows us to make our website accessible to the world through the internet and a Webhost is a company that allows users to store their website files so that they are assessable through the net. There are a lot of webhosting companies today that provide you with paid webhosting and free webhosting’s. Today well will be focusing on free webhosting and its pro’s and con’s as free webhosting is the first choice of all the newbie bloggers as they don’t want to spend much on their blog at the very beginning.
What is Paid Webhosting? As you all know that you can even get webhosting for free but we are discussing about paid webhosting because we want to let all our blog visitors know the difference among the two. Paid webhosting offers you reliability, daily back-ups and less down-time for your visitors, a webhosting purchased at a good rate will never let your…

5 Killer Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic

The blogosphere is full of blogs and it has been estimated that there are more than 100 million blogs. Most bloggers keep on asking us on how to increase the number of visits on their blogs and how can they improve their sites as well. We would like to clarify to all of you that there is no techniques that can help you increase the number of visitors on your websites, and the main thing that we would like to mention is that from the time of buying our domain name we have never spend a penny on any kind advertising or SEO optimization, but only in 3 months we were able to reach an alexa ranking of 250,000 with our own natural SEO and our quality posts. We were able to get around 2,100 visits daily, which had ultimately slow down our servers. So we would like to tell you that do not spend anything to visitors, simply write quality posts and have natural SEO which will help you a lot. But, since many bloggers have kept on asking repeatedly about increasing the visitors on thei…