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10 Excellent Twitter Tools To Grow Your Community

A while back I wrote an article on 20 Best Twitter tools you'll actually use to run and grow your community. I received a lot of response on that series of posts and I wanted to provide a similar short list for running and growing your Twitter community. Below are just the 10 that I think are particularly useful and effective to engage people on Twitter.

1. TweetyMailTweetyMail is an application that allows you to send tweets and direct messages, follow and unfollow and even block the user and do lots more via email. This also enables you to create custom email alerts and receive tweets, and Twitter searches delivered automatically to your inbox.

Visit TweetyMail
2. CoTweetCoTweet ia a web-based social media engagement, management and reporting solution to track and analyze conversations about their brands over Twitter. It enables you to check the history of the conversation with an individual or twitterer. It display a sign indicating that you have replied to a part…

10 Chrome Extensions For Web Developers and Bloggers

Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsing software. Earlier people use to stick on Firefox and internet explorer. But after Google Chrome. Users started liking because it is a very light software and It loads pages more faster than Firefox, safari, and Internet Explorer. Google Products has taken lot of care while designing it that user can have best experience. Google chrome is growing rapidly and became one of the most used browsers.

The extension adds a fantastic functionality in Google chrome and hence benefits the web developers, web designers as well as bloggers in number of ways. Google chrome supports number of extensions at the same time adds several features to the browser and enables the users to browse in a much safer, faster.
Features of Google ChromeDragging tabs out and back in again: There you can drag a tab out from chrome in a separate window; same you can drag the separated window back to the tab. Own task manager: A chrome tab has a sepa…