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10 Ways To Choose Right Domain Name

Domain registration has become a simple process in today’s technology uplifted world. The process of creating domain name is easy and free from hassle. It only requires proper recognition of essential components that helps domain name to attain its popularity. It takes too much of thought and time to choose a proper name for your online objective. Selected name should be relevant, easily memorable and catchy. It also should have the ability of self promotion. The ultimate challenge is finding the ideal name.

There are certain tips to get a suitable domain name. Some are listed below.

1. Domain name should be relevant : The selected name should match with the concept of the website. The keyword included in the domain name will be more preferred, if possible. Through this, people who are in need can search it easily. Thus a relevant name can bring more traffic for your product.

2. Short domain name is too profitable : As short names can be easily memorized by the clients, i…

10 Excellent Web Services to Monitor Websites Uptime

It’s crucial for every site owner to monitor website uptime, otherwise visitors won't come back again if the site is always unavailable. If it is high traffic website then it becomes more critical to monitor website up-time, because we cannot monitor website all the time. Sometimes it happens that websites are going down even if we have a very reliable hosting provider with 99% of uptime. The reason could be with network outages, data center, server outages, server overload, DNS configuration, or SSL certificate problems. In this case we should be aware of such things, otherwise we could lose royal visitors and followers, if website is down for hours (or days).

There are some good free and paid online web services tools available that checks your website availability time to time and notify you via Email or SMS whenever the website is down or not responding. With the help of these uptime monitoring services you can always get notified about the status of your website.